Audio & Video

Music in the workplace has been shown to soothe frayed nerves, drown out distracting office chatter, boost mood, and significantly enhance office performance.  It is also used to relax or engage customers by setting a mood.  Distributed music within a business can be as simple as a single source playing throughout the office to individual offices having their own music choices and controls.

Many businesses today are using video to display information, advertise and entertain.  Video source choices are becoming increasingly more complicated to distribute.  Laptops, document display devices, DVDs, cable and satellite receivers can have different types of connections to the TV.  It’s important to provide wiring that’s capable of standard definition as well as high-definition sources now and in the future.  The emergence of flat panel TVs has been wonderful, but having a TV flat on a wall requires that the sources feeding it be hard-wired to it.  For optimum results the sources are usually hidden away requiring that wire be installed in the wall to keep the installation looking clean and professional.