Residential Lighting Control

I’m willing to bet you live in a rut you don’t even realize.  You come home, open the door, and flip on the lights in the hall.  You then go turn on the lights in the kitchen, put your stuff on the counter, and turn on the light to bedroom hall.  You then turn on the bedroom lights followed by the closet light and kick off your shoes.  You’re now home.  Now, your sequence may be a little different but if you think about it there are probably a dozen lights you turn on all the time.

Instead of running around turning on all of these lights (and then remembering to turn them back off) how about your press a single button?  You walk in the door and press “Home” and your path to bedroom lights in an instant.

We can set up as many scenes as you’d like.  How about a “Party” scene that dims the lights to the perfect level for your dinner party?  Since the lights are all remotely controllable you can even turn off lights in another room without having to go there.  Imagine a “Good Night” button on your night stand that turns off all of the lights in the house when you go to bed.

Lighting Control can even save you money.  By placing occupancy sensors in a room the system can “see” if anyone is present- if no one’s in the room, the lights shut off automatically.