Residential Shading

The sun is the enemy of the furnishings you spent so much time and money picking out.  Sunlight fades your art, pictures, furniture, even the flooring.  On top of that, it raises your cooling costs.  But what can you do about it?  You picked out the lot for the view so you want to enjoy it and who has the time to run around raising and lowering shades?

Sight and Sound has a solution.  By installing programmable motorized shades we can lower your cooling costs and protect your furnishings from the sun.  Motorized shades can be controlled individually or in groups enabling you to lower all of the shades with the touch of a button.  The shades can even be programmed to lower to preset levels during the day allowing you to enjoy the view in the morning and block the glare in the afternoon.

There are numerous shade designs and materials so you can choose what best suits your décor.  We even have solutions for finished houses so it’s not too late if your house is already built.