“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” –Berthold Auerbach

Want to enjoy music around the house without the clutter of a stereo in every room?  Whole Home Audio blends the sounds you enjoy with the life you live.  By utilizing discreet in wall and in ceiling speakers we can deliver high quality sound to every room in the house.  Music, News, Traffic, Weather- what you want to hear, where you want to hear it.

As opinions vary greatly as to what is considered good music (or even what is considered music, for that matter) why should you only be able to listen to one thing throughout the home?  With a Distributed Audio system each room can listen to different things- Classical Music for Dad, Easy Listening for Mom, and Top 40 for the kids.

Got an iPod?  Why should you only be able to listen to it in the car or at the gym?  How about satellite (XM / Sirius) radio?  Sight and Sound can easily integrate these into your home audio system so your favorite song or radio station is only a button press away.

How about the stack of CD’s scattered between your home, car, and office?  With a Music Server all of your CD’s are loaded onto a hard drive server allowing you to access any album in your collection without searching the house for the right CD.  You can even set up playlists which will play through a pre-selected list of songs- setting the perfect mood for your next party.

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