“Television: A Medium- so called as it is neither rare nor well done.” – Ernie Kovacs

Regardless of whether you turn on the television to just watch the news or enjoy plopping down with a big tub of popcorn to watch the latest blockbuster, you want the same thing- a crystal clear picture on a television that is easy to use.  But what do you really need?  HDTV, LCD, Plasma, 1080p- What does it all mean?  The kid at the big chain electronics store just seems to want to sell you the largest TV they have and every magazine and website seems to have conflicting opinions.

At Sight and Sound we take the time to understand how you plan to use the TV to best determine what you need.  Do you watch a lot of sports? Will the kids be playing videogames? What room is the television going in?  You may be setting up a theater / media room and want the largest television you can fit or it could be we need to find a television that will fit in the antique armoire in the master bedroom.  No matter the application we will work together to determine what you need.

Of course, what’s the point in buying a flat panel TV you can hang like a picture if it means you have wires running down the wall?  And what do you do with the satellite / cable box?  Sight and Sound is a full service custom installation company- we don’t just sell boxes.  Our trained technicians will hang the display in a safe manner, hide the wires, and show you how to use the system.

Video is much more than just Television.  Sure, we all have a DVD player but what about a High Definition Blu-Ray player?   Never can find the movie you’re looking for?  We can install a Movie Server that will allow you to watch any movie you own on any television in the house.  Getting sleepy watching the movie on the couch?  Just hit pause and you can start the movie back at the same place in the bedroom.

We can bring the movies home with a Home Theater featuring the latest surround sound system.  We offer complete packages including a projector and screen, theater seats- we can even provide a Popcorn machine just like at the cinema!  You’ll never have to stand in line at the Movies only to sit next to the stranger who talks through the whole film.

Whether hiding a television behind a mirror so it is out of sight when not in use or doing something about eliminating the dozens of remotes cluttering up your coffee table, Sight and Sound is committed to providing solutions that fit our customer’s needs.  Contact us today to find out more.