Residential Telephone / Computer Wiring

You may think in our ever increasingly wireless world that there isn’t a need to install communications wiring in your home.  You have a cordless phone and Wi-Fi for your laptop so why spend money on wiring?  It is precisely because there are so many wireless devices that we need a good communications backbone.  Wireless devices are prone to interference from each other and even microwave ovens.  Wireless internet access points for laptops have a limited range.  With Cat5e wiring in place we can add additional access points as needed to provide coverage throughout the home.

It is much more cost effective to put wiring in place before sheetrock has been installed.  That is not to say it is impossible to add wiring at a later date, just more expensive.  At Sight and Sound we prefer to take a proactive approach and wire for every conceivable possibility.  This allows you the most flexibility as new technologies are developed down the road.