Residential Control / Integration

It’s been a long day.  All you want to do is come home, sit down, and turn on the TV and relax.  But which remote turns on the TV?  And once you get it on, why do you not have any sound?  Where’s that remote?  And where’s the cable box remote to change the channels?  So much for your relaxing evening.

At Sight and Sound we understand all the technology in the world is useless if you can not easily use it.  We specialize in integrating all of the electronics in the home into one easy to use system.  Let’s revisit the above scenario with a control system.  Instead of a coffee table full of remotes you only have one.  You pick up the remote, press “TV On” and behind the scenes the television turns on, the speakers come on, the cable box turns on, and the television switches to the correct input.  All you had to do was press a single button.

Control systems are not limited to just televisions.  By tying the audio, video, security, lighting, and HVAC systems together we can make the entire house one button simple.  Opening the garage door as you drive up can automatically disarm the security system and turn on the lights in the house so you don’t have to fumble with keypads or light switches while your hands are full of groceries.  Or let’s say you’re leaving- pressing “Away” on the keypad as you walk out the door will turn off all of the lights, turn off the television and stereo, and arm the security system- all with a single button press.

The control system combines all of the various systems in the house onto one easy to use touchpanel or keypad.  Instead of having light switches, thermostats, security keypads, and volume controls cluttering up the walls in every room you have a simple, elegant keypad that can be color matched to your room so it blends in.

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